Stock Broking is primary market for trading means in mutual fund we can invest into any theme oriented scheme but in stock market it is a primary market , we can choose our own segement from different company, different segment, different share and different amount.
De materialized account or electronically operated account to trade shares or convert our physically holding shares into electronic mode is D. Materialized.
One who trades direct shares of the company either BSE or NSE directly in the market is called Equity Market Trading.
In the same D.MAT account we can trade commodities electronically on contract mode like gold, silver, zinc, natural gas, crude oil, etc. from the commodity exchange is commodity trading. It is done on contract basis i.e. monthly there will be contract of all traded commodities item , one can buy/sell with the margin with the contract within that contract period. Since these commodities are on contract traded , no physical mode is delivered. In commodities there are different segment traded like basic metal example copper, lead , zinc etc. B. precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, C. Booleans like crude oil, natural gas , etc. D. Agricultural products like species, cotton, vegetables, wheat ,beverages, cereals, millets, commercial crop, etc.
Future & Option , any stock or product traded on contract basis, for stipulated volume example TATA steel of 1250 share bundled( in market rupees 650/share) costs approx. 7.5 lakhs , you can buy with margin of 80k to 100k and hold with higher margin till the contract rate or book the market rate, if 1 rupee increase on buy rate your profit will be 1250 rupees or vice-versa if 1 rupee down 1250 rupees loss.
Initial Public Offers- Any company which plans to bring out public issue will offer shares in public to buy at basic rate 10rs face value but in market bid rate may vary , public may buy depending upon company profile . 

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