Mutual Funds means it is a mutual investment like investers invest into particular fund with different portfolio with different kind of risk means retail investors, institutional investor or other investors invest into particular funds of asset management company inturn asset management company fund collects money from investors and fund manager will manage the fund, investing into different segment stocks, shares, debentures, deposits, etc. to gain more out of investors’ money. But all risk of market and investments will be in risky, hence mutual fund investments are subject to market risk, therefore directly or indirectly investor is reponsible for all risk.
Where in this risky scenario market, market moves up down(fluctuates) in this fund manager will have free hand to invest, redeem, hold directly in market. There are following funds and types of investments :-
It is a word nothing but investing directly into stocks or majority of fund , in this majorly two types of fund are there
a. Open-ended Equity schemes or Funds comprises shares of all category company shares like infrastructure, information technology, metals , biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, banking, thematic, small cap fund, large cap fund, mid cap funds , etc. depending on majority investment happen segment , based on this nomenclature of fund happens like banking , pharma, mid, small, large, blue chip, micro cap company share, stocks investing funds called sometimes as smaller companies or micro cap funds, like these there are funds mixture of different category stock investment are also there.
Any scheme we can invest today and redeem anytime is called open-ended equity. In this exit entry load applies before one year applies short term gain, after one year no charges called long term gain.
b. Close-Ended schemes are different types of schemes are there may be 3,4,5 years term are locked in or closed also comprises equity schemes mostly derivatives of debt investments.
II. SIP(Systematic investment Plan)
To which ever schemes investment happened systematically paid like everyday, every weak , every fortnight systematically is called systematic investment plan. Since invested into fluctuating market systematically harvests high and low priced units , averages in long term compounding in bigger way , that’s how SIP is powerful investment strategy in Mutual Fund investment.
It is as like equity ,into these TAX SAVER funds investment done is exempted by 80C investment means tax payer utilize these funds to save in equity related investments to get tax exemptions depending on their slabs by 10, 20 and 30 percent. Investments of tax saver are 3 years locked in , after three years you can withdraw or continue invested.
Debt Investment are mostly not exposed to equity market, mostly utilizes to invest in different rated bonds of A, B, C, etc(debentures deposits , etc) ,also invested in different segments like G Sec, Public sector , private sector, company deposit comparatively better returns after three years no Chagres with indexation of taxation .
Funds are like DEBT Funds but these are totally open-ended , no entry or exit loads , we can park our money for any duration any amount with no equity exposure .
Any person can park here for better returns , returns are non-taxable, no market-risk and no compulsory duration that’s anyone can utilize this platform to park their money to earn everyday returns most powerful liquid parking place , who has money not to fix and get returns where this is not having any locking period.
NFO’s are new fund offer scheme, any AMC can bring new fund offer to offer investment at ruoees 10 per weak. NFO which will carry theme of the fund and the segment of investment , hence any investor can choose to invest any amount.

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